Curious about taking lessons? Here are some FAQs you might be interested in:

What instruments do you teach online?: Piano, guitar and ukulele

What skill level do you want to teach?: Beginner to Early Advanced

What age group do you teach?: 4-70

What style of music do you teach specifically?: Early Classical and Pop

What is your musical background and experience?: Bachelors in Music Education from UofO; Designed K-8 Music Program and beginning Band at local Private School; 30 years private instruction; 7 years Shedd Institute Music School

What will I learn from taking lessons from you?: All the fundamentals of music reading, scales and chord theory, technique and performance skills. Most of all0 how to enjoy playing and exploring various musical genres.

Why do you love teaching?: My whole life has revolved around music and it is a joy to teach anyone how music can be a beautiful part of their life to enjoy personally or to share with others.