Online lessons currently available:

Students will learn all the fundamentals of music reading scales and chord theory, technique and performance skills.  Most of all, students will how to enjoy playing and exploring various musical genres.  If you see something you are interested in please contact me for a phone interview.



Students are trained in all the basic fundamentals of music theory, technique and performance skills. Books and materials used are custom fitted to each student’s need and interests.


Students are trained in basic music theory with the opportunity to learn both note reading and chords. Students usually learn to play along to their favorite songs with their favorite musicians. Students also have the opportunity to learn classical guitar. If after the basics are obtained and the student would like to move on to Jazz and Rock, I can introduce them to my son who is well capable of moving them forward in these areas.

~Band Instruments~

Students who are interested in beginning a band instrument will be trained in basic music theory and technique for that instrument. Also if a student needs a little extra instruction beyond what the band program provides they can get a boost of technique and some individual help on the music they are working on in school.

~Worship on Piano or Guitar~

Besides the already mentioned above items for the piano and guitar, students will learn how to play their favorite worship songs and learn the theory behind the music.


Whether you are auditioning for a school musical or entering a college music program, I can help you prepare for that audition or entrance exam.


~Guitar Class~

Gather a group of your friends and let’s play some guitar.

Please let me know if there is an instrument you would like to learn but do not see listed.